Hello my loves!

I hope you are all having amazing 2018s so far! I love the holiday season, and the fresh start the new year signifies always perks me up! I had a great 2017, although close to the end it got a bit rocky. I traveled, we grew here and on Youtube which I am so thankful to you guys for. I spent time with people I loved and moved into a new place. It was a very blessed year, and I am thankful for the chance to keep going; and praying into this year for whatever the good Lord has for me.

I am working at giving myself measurable goals this year, and I would love to talk to you guys about what yours are too. Feel free to shoot me an email whenever. One of the main things I want to do on here is bring back the personality that my blog had. I appreciate the space that the blog is so much, and I appreciate you guys who read it. So, I will be bringing back the musings on life that characterized this space. I want to grow with you this year! I drafted a big end of year post, but if you have me on Twitter then you know what happened to it. I might make it a video instead.

I thought to start this series on my blog where I do a love list, maybe weekly, of all the things I’m in love with. I am forever stalking the inter webs for homeware, and fashion, and beauty; and I know some of you like my tastes so I figured- why not? I will be putting together my weekly favorites in these categories so you can just click through for inspiration or to buy if something catches your fancy.

As a college student with expensive tastes, I really just enjoy looking at things and having them motivate me to work at creating beautiful spaces for myself at home; a wardrobe that represents and inspires me; and to take better care of myself. I hope you enjoy these finds as well!

My Favorite Coat Finds

My Favorite Beauty Finds

My Favorite Homeware Finds

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