The winter is likely the most difficult season to look stylish in. With the wind in your face, and snow puddles everywhere, the last thing on anyone’s mind is looking cute. In this post, I give you my top tips to create stylish winter outfits without any real extra effort!


I have historically loathed the winter. I don’t understand why people are expected to function in such temperatures, I don’t understand why it’s so grey out all the time, I can’t get with the puddles that form everywhere. Over time, however, one of the things that has saved the season for me is outerwear. Hear me out. The summer is great but it gets kind of monotonous regarding style. How many maxi dresses and denim cutoffs can you wear before you’ve had enough? The layering that winter allows you to do, on the other hand, really give you the opportunity to play around with textures, colors, prints, to create stylish winter outfits that will always be Insta worthy. And to me, this is nowhere more evident than in coats and winter jackets. From wool coats, to the notorious puffer jackets, coats can add so much pizzazz to your sweater and jeans outfit. In the winter, your coat is the first thing anyone sees of your outfit so be sure to make it as representative of you and your style as possible!


The key to creating stylish winter outfits is definitely layering. It’s a skill I’m still learning, but I have found that keeping my outfits to several form fitting removable layers is ideal for when I’m moving between indoor and outdoor spaces, and also to prevent bulk. One of the worst things in the winter is when you have such heavy layers on that you’re cold but sweating- it’s awful. I’ve found that light thermals and turtlenecks layered underneath whatever larger sweater, really keep the outfit looking minimal and clean, rather than bulky and uncomfortable.


The other winter styling tip I’ve found keeps outfits looking super chic is using oversized scarves. Infinity scarves and smaller sized ones are quite popular, but the scarves I am drawn to are always the giant blanket scarves. There’s just something about that bulk, especially when it’s in a good minimal print or solid colour that makes the entire outfit immediately stylish. Wrap the scarf over your coat to give it the feel of been an additional outerwear piece. I find that the most flattering.


The final styling tip for the winter is statement jewellery. I love statement earrings in the winter. I mean, I love them all year round but especially for winter. They add an extra dash of elegance to a sleek coat, sweater and jeans outfit without while looking completely effortless. I especially love big gold earrings, and the bauble earrings trending this season.

I hope this post was helpful, and you guys enjoy these tips on how to create stylish winter outfits! They are tricks I use all the time, and I hope you enjoy incorporating them in how you get dressed.


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