The brown lipstick trend hit hard a few years ago, with a full comeback of 90s grunge. Everyone was scoring shelves for the perfect brown lipstick for their skin tone. I know I definitely bought in, and was also lurking on every makeup site trying to find a good shade for my skin.

best brown lipstick for dark skin

Brown lipsticks come in a wide variety of shades and undertones. They range from reddish browns like Mac’s Antique Velvet to greyish browns like Dose of Colors’ Sand. Depending on your own skin and undertones, you can find a brown that is warm, neutral, or cool to suit you. They run the gamut in terms of everyday lip colour to super glamorous night out look, and are the perfect lip colour for this winter season.

In the winter, many people tend to wear darker lip colors to match the weather, and I’ve found that most people take to plums and oxbloods (You can check out my favourite reds here). To switch it up a bit, why not try out a 90s shade of brown, paired with the darker lipliner that made the look so iconic.

They are also available at every price point, and you can find your perfect brown lipstick at the beauty supply store or in Sephora. I love how accessible they are!

I have some of my personal favourites listed below! Let me know what you think.

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